Saturday in the park. . . 🎶
I think it was the Fourth of July. . .🎶

I’ve got a music theme going here. It’s just what my brain does.

It’s Saturday! Even at my age, I look forward to Saturdays, and I don’t even work a full-time job outside our home. But, Saturdays are Hubby-Days, and I love ’em. I can’t remember a time, ever in our marriage, that I haven’t anticipated his arrival from work – or from anywhere, for that matter. The kids and I have always been like little, hyper Terriers waiting for him to walk in the door. Let me share a little about him through this patriotic portrait.

He painted the barn for me. You might think it was a simple task. It wasn’t. His Lucy-wife thought it’d be great. “What’s the big deal, it’s just some stripes and few stars, right?” Well, it’s a little more involved than that.

It all started with a vision I saw on Pinterest. I was browsing along looking for patriotic inspiration when I came across these cute little, barefoot boys in rolled-up, blue jeans and no shirts. The cutest! At first, we contemplated building a portable flag out of the scraps we have out here, at the farm, but somewhere along the way, the idea of painting a flag on the barn emerged. I don’t know, exactly, how he did it but let’s just say he’s the brainy act in our marriage. With the blue space allowed, he calculated how big the stars should be and where to place them. The stripes had to work out just right, too.  He maths. I don’t. I’m tired just explaining it to you. Thankfully, we work well together – most of the time – and he’s able to make my dreams come alive.

I’ll be offering Limited Edition Americana Sessions during the month of June. The sessions are ideal for little ones, but as you can see our big girl fits well on the hay bale. The sessions are $125 / 5 digital images, with the option to purchase additional images and print products and/or the entire gallery.


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